Evolutionary strategies

Integrated communication project
It is not enough to say “we are on the internet”, but it is necessary to develop a real growth of your company. Today, mere presence is no longer enough; the network should rely on a good part of the contact with the customer and a good part of the search for potential new customers. The interaction with the public and the strategic integration of the new digital communication channels are the foundations of any communication project.

Digital Strategy
MacPremium follows and anticipates technological developments, thanks to specific professionalism intervenes in a multidisciplinary way to create the right mix in the constitution of the digital strategy of the customer, building a communication hub that integrates: web, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, mobile interaction, unconventional marketing, video production and marketing app.

Digital Frontiers
MacPremium is constantly dedicated to the new frontiers of Social Network Marketing, developing coordinated actions of Digital Strategy cross-platform and cross-media. Thanks to the area specialized in “App Promotion” it follows and develops strategic marketing actions for mobile applications and for iPhone.

Spread and visibility
MacPremium also specializes in the strategic dissemination of websites and constantly monitors technological developments to optimize the large-scale indexing and dissemination operation in real time.

Viral Invasion
At the same time, he designs and develops targeted actions of Viral Marketing and Internet Invasion through the most innovative means and channels.

FvgTech disclosure
FvgTech is the “Digital Culture Disclosure Platform” that works cross-media to spread knowledge about technology issues on multiple levels. Leveraging different online and offline information channels aims to raise awareness and inform citizens about the technological and digital world around them: from social networks to robotics, from digital marketing to data protection, from photography to 3D printing, to cover all the topics of our fast running days.