Integrated knowledge and specializations

The MacPremium Team is made up of businesses and independent freelance professionals, chosen to bring together a combination of the best knowledge and specialization to create high quality integrated projects and digital strategies.

Coordinated by Gabriele Gobbo, the team creates, produces and manages personalized projects for its customers.

The area in which ideas are expressed according to customer requirements.

The area in which, according to creative specifications, projects are designed with optimum solutions.

The technical department that integrates CMS software with dynamic projects and Web 2.0.

The area that studies all aspects relating to the online communication and digital strategies used by the customer.

Research and Development
Always in search of new advanced technology solutions for the very best results.

Web Usability Testing Pool
A pool of people who represent the entirety of internet users, which perform website user tests in the pursuit of excellence, intercommunicating with the technical and creative departments.

Customer Service
The staff that provide customer assistance and support via internet (email, social, skype), telephone (SMS, WhatsApp e Telegram) and on-site.